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Hollistic Approach

Based on years of hiring experience, we took a different approach at the traditional vetting processes of other companies. Not only we assess based on technical skills, language comprehension, and personality traits, but most importantly we include your priority as a key variable in the mix. In this way, every perspective is considered, but without losing your focus. Is your hiring priority to be within a certain budget? or are you looking for the best candidate possible and budget is not a constraint? Or, is the focus of your quest to find the candidate with the best cultural fit for your rapidly growing organization, who can not only deliver on its own but can make the most of everyone else around them? Don´t worry, we´ve got you covered.

1)Language & Communication Skills

Candidates must be exceptionally good at reading, writing, and speaking English, but they also must be able to communicate in an effective way. We make sure our Specialists know the technicals but most importantly are able to express their ideas efficiently. 

2)LatamDevs Personality Propietary Test

We took years of experience and statistics from specialized HR Recruitment Companies and carefully crafted our own propietary Personality Test for Specialists in Technology. We felt this was necessary as most tests out there were not specifically designed with either tech resources in mind, or based on years of recruiting experience in the field. The result? Over a decade of recruiting experience for unicorn companies like Google, Mercado Libre or Facebook, taken to the next level!

3)Technical Skills

We then assess technical knowledge, intelligence and problem-solving through different evaluations to come up with the most proficient Specialists in each field.

4)Complete Live Screening

Finally, we conduct full live screening of candidates. (If possible and on demand at an additional cost).


Lic. Patricio Pizzurno

Lic. Patricio Pizzurno

Tech HR Advisor

Patricio has advised companies on the integral management of human resources, organizational diagnosis, personnel search and selection processes, career development and training programs.

He has taught training programs and carried out personnel selection processes in Argentina, Chile and Brazil for Mercado Libre, Google, Facebook, Cargill, Pepsico, LATAM Airlines, Allianz, CenturyLink, Volkswagen, Pan American Energy, Techint, Unilever,  among other companies.

He has a degree in psychology, graduated with a Diploma of Honor from the University of Buenos Aires, and a graduate of the Specialization Career in Cognitive Systemic Psychology (Bateson Foundation, Bs. As., Arg. – M.R.I., California, U.S.A.)

He has written several articles on topics related to human resources management, management and mental health.

He worked as a professor in the Department of HR & Psychology of the Faculty of Psychology of the U.B.A. in Buenos Aires Argentina, as well as in the Physiopathology and Psychosomatics of the same institution.

He continues with activities in clinical psychology, where he works from systemic theory. He specializes in adult and young adult psychotherapy, addressing issues related to life cycle issues, grieving situations and critical change processes.

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