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Find talented Latin American Technology Specialists working on your timezone. Whether you have a time/budget constraint or you’re just looking for the best, we’ve got your back.


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Your Priorities, Our Priority

Experience has taught many technology companies that technical fitness doesn´t always translate into the right hire. Reasons are varied, but what seems to be a constant is not correctly addressing their Priorities for the vacant or new position. Are they looking for a “budget” hire or the greatest cultural fit possible?Are they searching for a technical “ninja”, or a semi experienced developer they can train for skills (instead of attempting it for character)?. LatamDevs helps you figure out the priorities behind each hiring opportunity and provides quality specialists that match them. Nothing more, nothing less. Only the right fit, aligned with your priorities.

Our Mission

LatamDevs strives to get the best fit for each hiring process. We don´t believe a human being can be summed up in a technical rating number from a fancy website. Instead, we respect the complexity of hiring the right resource under the right circumstances, to enhance your team´s capabilities. In this light, not always the most technical resource proves to be the ideal hire, both on a budget and hidden costs perspectives. Our mission is to help you find just what you´re looking for, whenever you may need it. Sometimes it might be the technical “superstar”, others someone passionate and patient enough to learn what he needs to, before replacing a key role in your organization.

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Why latam?


Cost Effectiveness

While outsourcing to other continents may cost anywhere between USD80-150/hr, outsourcing to latin american countries typically ranges between USD40 and USD70/hr, without sacrificing quality.

Same Time Zone

Working on real-time projects can get difficult with large time differences (like for example the Asian hubs). Latin America and the US share the same time zone making your projects run faster and smoother.

IT Talent

Latin America holds not only a better ranking regarding talented developers than India or China (on sites like StackOverflow), but it’s also home of several Unicorns like Mercado Libre, Auth0 and Despegar. In addition, Argentina holds the first place in Technology skills worldwide in  e-learning platforms.

Better Cultural Fit

It’s not new that Latin America has more similar cultures than the eastern alternatives. The better cultural fit has been inspiring a lot of companies to look for talent in LATAM countries for some years now.

IT Industry Growth

Many governments around the region have been investing heavily into technology and science, making the region extremely competitive and convenient for the developed countries to outsource.

Latest Frameworks & Tools

Even though staying ahead of the curve has never been easy, our proficiency in both english and tech has helped us stay on top of the game: Agile, Jira, Trello, Slack, Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, you name it, we use it.

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