benefits of

remote work

Great Productivity

A two-year study by Stanford University showed that among people who worked from home there was a remarkable rise in labor productivity. The study of 500 people working both remotely and in a traditional setting found that every week the productivity of home-based employees was equivalent to the work of a full day.

Reduced Costs for Employers & Employees

In 2018, cost savings for U.S. companies with remote staff was estimated at $5 billion — and that’s just part-time workers. Typically, adopting opportunities for remote work can help companies reduce or eliminate overhead costs, including real estate and operating costs. The average real estate savings was $10,000 per employee for employers of full-time remote workers. Remote workers can save about $7,000 a year on average, according to remote worker stats, by reducing or eliminating the cost of commuting, food, clothing, and child care. 

Increase Diversity

Building a strong remote team will help you achieve your goals if you are looking to improve the diversity of your business. Because the talent pool for remote workers is truly global, opportunities to find talented workers that vary in gender identity, race, ethnicity, skills, and geographic location are exponentially greater.Check this article on Entrepreneur to find out more.

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