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We know the hiring process is a long one for Recruiters and Small Recruiting Agencies. On top of that, at the end there´s only a small percentage of conversion, if any. We provide you the opportunity to earn a U$D monthly fee for every Specialist you register on our platform, for as long as they work with us.


Reinventing recruiting

Turn Every Interview Into $

Recruiting in the tech business is dynamic and fast paced. Somehow, it doesn´t always pay for your time accordingly: conducting dozens of interviews to only land one or two hires if lucky. But what about the rest? Even if you might be able to “reuse” the process somewhere along the way, you´d still need to invest more of your time to do so.

We thought it was about time you got paid for all the time you already invested. That´s why if you sign up your Specialists with us you´ll qualify for a monthly referral fee for as long as that Specialist works with us.

Don´t believe us? We don´t need you to believe it, we just need you to try it ;).

easy as 1,2,3!

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You´ll be notified when one of the Specialists you signed up starts working with us. We´ll keep you posted on each update of his work so you can stay on track. Sounds good? Great, let’s get started.

Get Paid

Receive monthly payments in U$D for every payment to the Specialists you signed up. No more worrying about the local economy, to the moon and beyond!

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