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We know that keeping every resource productive is the one of the major challenges for Agencies. This is particularly true in Latin America, where political or economical shifts can sweep away years of growth in a heartbeat. It was about time you got the opportunity to keep your resources productive in spite of local economic recessions. The dark days are over. We’re here to get more $ for your shop, (oh and we meant U$D, and not your local devaluing currency).


kiss your past goodbye

Get Out of the Box

Signup your idle resources to make them available for our Job opportunities. We thought it was about time you got paid for all the time you already invested. That´s why for any of our Projects on which your idle resource gets to work on, you get paid up to 60%* of the profit. Yeap, it’s not a typo. We get you more work and more income where only idleness used to reign.

Don´t believe us? We don´t need you to believe us, we just need you to try it ;).

easy as 1,2,3!

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Signup here to get started.

Sign Up The Specialists

After signing up your Agency, sign up your idle resources here.

Get Paid

You´ll be notified when we have job opportunities for one of the Specialists you signed up. We´ll keep you posted on updates of the work so you can stay on track. Sounds good? Great, let’s get started. Receive monthly payments in U$D for every payment to the Specialists you signed up. No more worrying about the local economy, to the moon and beyond!

ready for take off?

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